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Unlimited Web & Graphic Design


Accomplish More with an Unlimited Plan

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Accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible without a large digital team—or without cobbling together an unwieldy network of freelancers. Work directly with a dedicated, experienced strategist who is intimately familiar with your brand and your business needs. Your strategist will triage your requests and communicate requirements to the right resources to get work done well as quickly as possible. Your strategist will aim to deliver same-day turnaround for smaller tasks.

With our Unlimited Plan you get:

  • Unlimited development & design requests
  • Separate queues for development and design for multiple tasks at a time
  • Design: custom graphics, stock photos, & more
  • Development: Back-end & front-end website tasks
  • Same-day turnaround for smaller tasks, 48-hour turnaround for most complex custom work

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "unlimited" mean?

Unlimited can be a tricky word. We use it because other companies use the word to describe a service that continuously works on tasks from a queue, or multiple queues, without providing itemized pricing for separate tasks or projects. While it’s unlimited in some sense, we fully acknowledge that the work we can get done in a given period of time is not limitless.

To paint a clearer picture, here’s what we do to deliver great work with quick turnaround:

  • We assign you a dedicated strategist with a background in development, design, and/or marketing—depending on your specific needs—who can help identify your needs and either deliver results quickly or assign work to specialized help to get the job done right. Since this strategist is intimately familiar with your brand, he or she will also be the best person to communicate the technical requirements to our developers and designers based on the nuances of your business requirements. This is an important and often overlooked business function that improves the quality and efficiency of your work.
  • Unlike other unlimited development and design services, we do not limit you to one task at a time. You will have at least two different queues: 1) a web design queue, and 2) a graphic design queue. This helps you get a lot more work done and avoid making tough decisions about which work must go on the back burner due to lack of bandwidth. Also, since your strategist is likely working in or near your time zone (9am-5pm US Central Standard Time), you will often get same-day feedback and turnaround for simpler tasks. We want to help you accomplish more than dreamed possible!

So, send us any and all development and design requests whenever you want and we’ll work on them and finish most tasks in anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours—depending on the complexity of the work.


What are some examples of tasks?

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what we can do for you, broken down into four categories:


Technical Website Tasks
  • Hosting & domain setup
  • Fixing hosting issues
  • Fixing bugs
  • Website speed optimization
  • Image size optimization
  • Installing and configuring new WordPress plugins
  • Updating WordPress plugins
  • Adding or Facebook or Google tracking pixels
  • Google Analytics and Search Console setup
  • Connect website with other marketing tools
  • Configuring email addresses
  • Fixing email deliverability on website


Web Design Tasks
  • Changing or adding new stock images
  • Creating new website graphics
  • Designing a new website theme
  • Updating layout and overall design of existing website templates
  • Fixing web design errors
  • Updating website fonts for better design, readability
  • Implementing new blog images/graphics
  • Designing and implementing opt-in forms
  • Designing custom landing pages
  • Custom coding
  • Adding animations (on load, scroll, hover, etc.)
  • Adding new pages to an existing site
  • Publishing new blog posts


Graphic Design Tasks
  • Display ads
  • Print or digital brochures
  • T-shirt graphics
  • Trade show marketing materials
  • Facebook & IG ad graphics
  • Promotional items
  • Outdoor graphics
  • Stickers
  • Sales sheets
  • Hero images
  • Photo edits
  • Removing photo backgrounds
  • Logos
  • Simple GIF animations
  • Simple SVG animations
  • Infographics
  • Presentations


Custom Illustrations
  • Blueprints, floor plans
  • Caricatures
  • Comic strips
  • Custom characters and mascots
  • Children’s story illustrations
  • Custom typography
  • Complex cutsom logos
  • Illustrated instruction manuals
  • Medical illustrations
  • Photo-to-vector conversion
  • Portraits
  • Scene Illustration
What technologies do you use?

For development we use WordPress exclusively, and will support the following builders:

  • Divi
  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder

We may choose to support other builders on a case-by-case basis, but if it’s one we haven’t supported before we will likely spend a week or so getting up to speed on it (on our dime, not yours).


We also use several technologies to design engaging websites and graphics such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and web prototyping tools like Sketch.


Can I build an entire new website with the Unlimited Plan?

Certainly! We can do an entire website build from scratch and break it down into tasks the way we normally would in the Unlimited Plan. However, we still offer new website or re-design packages for clients that need more complex websites that they need completed on a more accelerated timeline.

While it’s completely reasonable to expect us to deliver a website with 5-10 pages within one month of starting the Unlimited Plan, sometimes additional revisions end up extending the engagement to a second month, in which case you may be better served by choosing a fixed-price website package.


Do you work US business hours?

Sure do! Your lead strategist will work 9am to 5pm US Central Standard Time. So, if you’re in North America, you can get same-day feedback, and even same-day turnaround, on many tasks.



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